My husband’s amazing mojitos


This summer has been a nonstop party since G. learned to make mojitos. The drinks have an added benefit of using mint, which tends to grow out of control in our garden.

The spearmint in our garden grows out of control, and in early spring, G. cut the plant in half and pulled out an enormous chunk to try to get a grip on it.

Then he learned to make mojitos. Too much mint is no longer a problem. In fact, after one recent party, G. remarked that he needed to let the spearmint plant bounce back a bit. A friend then suggested G. switch to peppermint, which we also grow. That monster plant is under control now too.

G. does make the best mojitos. Nothing we’ve ordered at a bar compares. That may be because G.’s recipe came from his boss’ wife, who is a culinary teacher. So, it’s a professional recipe. (G. would say it’s his technique.)

Here’s how you make them:

My Husband’s Mojitos

In a pint glass (or red Solo cup):
5 pieces of key limes
6-8 mint leaves
1.5 shots of simple syrup (see below)
2.5 shots of rum (2 for me since I’m a lightweight)
club soda

Place the mint in the cup and muddle it. Squeeze the chunks of lime so the juice falls into the cup. Toss in the lime pieces, and muddle those too. Fill the cup with ice. Add the simple syrup and rum. Top off with club soda.

Simple Syrup

2 cups water
2 cups sugar
12 (or more) mint leaves

Boil the water. Turn off the heat, toss the mint leaves into the water and stir in the sugar. Let the syrup cool. Store it in the refrigerator.


3 responses to “My husband’s amazing mojitos

  1. One minor detail missed. I use the muddler to smash the pulp and juice out of the lime. Also important to mix the contents off the bottom of the cup. Also required is a flexible party straw for fun!

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  2. leigh butterbrodt


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