Baby bunnies in the backyard

We have six baby rabbits in our backyard.

G. came home at lunch today and said, “Put on your shoes, I have something important to show you.”

We went outside, and he very carefully lifted back some grass and a bit of fur, and underneath were three baby rabbits, each the size of my fist or smaller. And then, inches away, we found three others laying in the grass.

They held still while I photographed them. G. says all baby rabbits freeze when they are scared, so I feel kind of bad because they must have been terrified, they were so still. But oh, the photos! They are so cute, which is why I am sharing several.

One response to “Baby bunnies in the backyard

  1. leigh butterbrodt

    AWWWWW!!!! Baby bunnies, cute as kittens, as G might say!


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