Garden Diary: Replanted leeks

The irises are blooming in front of our house.

G. realized yesterday that we had planted our leeks wrong. We mounded all the root vegetables because the first year, we didn’t, and it rained and all our carrots rotted. Last year, we mounded and everything did well except the leeks. They need to be planted in a trench with dirt piled on them as they grow.

So, today, we dug out the mound where the leeks were. G. dug a small trench, and I poured the rest of the seeds in. I am nervous they won’t germinate, and if they don’t, I have no more seeds. But, if they do, then we can pile in the dirt, and we should get leeks with nice white bottoms. It’s a gamble. It’s always a gamble.

Three other big events today: Some cabbage has germinated, and G. picked and ate our first ripe strawberry of the year. AND, we got a wireless network set up in the house. I can now blog from the couch! Woo!


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