Garden diary: It’s not Memorial Day yet, and we feel like we’re running late

The first shoots of asparagus came up this week in our new plot. It’s a very exciting event, as G. has been wanting to plant asparagus since we started gardening three years ago. It will be another year before we can harvest any, but just getting the plants in and having shoots appear feels good.

Otherwise, we are feeling a little distressed about our gardening efforts, or rather our lack of effort. We are behind in planting this year, compared to last year. Part of it is because G. was sick for so long, and now that he’s feeling better, it has been raining and the ground is too wet to get the tractor into the main plots to till.

For the past two years, I have vowed to write down what we did and when we did it so that I’d have a record for planning the next year. Thus far, I haven’t. But I am going to renew the vow this year, and post my notes on this blog so that I’ll (hopefully) have a greater incentive to do it.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

April 29: We replanted spinach and lettuce in the hoop house and removed the plastic cover. I planted greens a few weeks earlier, but nothing came up. I think it was because it was so unusually warm that with the cover on, the hoop house was actually too hot. Also, a reminder to me: When planting lettuce, just sprinkle the seed on top of the dirt and then water it. Don’t bury the seed or it won’t be able to push through. This is the first year that I’ve remembered that, and every year I have to plant lettuce twice because I bury it too deep the first time around. We also planted the asparagus on this day.

May 3: G. and I replanted one-fourth of our strawberries, the ones in the northeast corner of that plot. Our plan is to replace a quarter of the plants each year so that we never have to rip out the whole plot at once. I also planted some annuals in the flower bed we created last year for bees and butterflies, and I moved some dill into that bed from the main garden, where it replanted itself.

May 6: G. noticed that spinach and lettuce were coming up in the hoop house. Also, cilantro has replanted itself in the main garden and is coming up well.

May 9: I saw the first shoots of asparagus.

May 10: Time to cut more rhubarb. The plants are enormous, and I can see new leaves coming in spots where I removed stalks last week. I think I will make rhubarb and cranberry crisp.


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