Grapefruit Honey Jam

Grapefruit jam

The recipe for grapefruit honey jam uses Pomona's Universal Pectin, so you don't need as much sugar.

I had four bags of grapefruit in the refrigerator, and I was describing to G. the process of segmenting the fruit to make jam. Cut off the ends. Peel the skin. Cut off the white membrane with a very sharp knife (which G. had just sharpened) and then remove the fruit from the membrane.

“This should take me about six hours,” I summed up.

“Well, that just shows you’re weird,” he said.

I thought he was kidding. But the next day, after about six hours of work on my part, he dug his spoon into the jam and pronounced it delicious.

“I thought you were just being weird, but this is really good,” he said. “I’ve never tasted anything like this.”

I couldn’t decide if that was a compliment or not. Then G. launched into a rhapsody about trying new things and how you never know what you’re going to like.

I knew I wanted to make grapefruit honey jam as soon as I saw the recipe in Tart and Sweet. I love grapefruit, but I’m a little turned off by the idea of rind in marmalade. There’s no chunks of rind in this jam. Also, I’ve learned that I prefer jams that aren’t too sweet. The recipe uses Pomona’s Universal Pectin to foster gelling, so you don’t have to use as much sugar. In this recipe, you use only 1 cup of sugar and 1 1/2 cups of honey to 16 cups of grapefruit.

I’m not posting the whole recipe on my blog because it contains a lot of directions _ for segmenting, using Pomona’s pectin and for actually making the jam. This is not an easy recipe, and it takes quite a bit of time. It took me twice as long as the recipe said to get the jam to the gel point.

If that last sentence freaked you out, don’t even try it. If you thought, OK, bring it on, then you’re probably an experience canner and committed enough to it to buy the book. If you do, I’ll just mention that I’m also a big fan of the spiced pear butter.


One response to “Grapefruit Honey Jam

  1. I don’t know if I could get one bag let alone four bags into my refrigerator. It does take a long time to make jam but I’m sure your end result was delicious.

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