G. builds a fun house to hold our garden tools

The shed at mid-renovation with a new roof.

G. has been at it again with another construction project. He decided to move ahead with building a dance floor in the pole barn.

But to do that, he needed to clear space in the barn. He decided to put all the gardening tools into an old shed on the property, but then I refused to go in there. It looked like a haunted house with an old roof and half of the siding torn off. An, I was pretty sure that some kind of rodent had taken up residence in there at some point.

The renovated shed.

So, G. decided to renovate the shed first. He put on a new roof and new siding that matches the house and pole barn. The roof was a killer. He didn’t just put new shingles on, he took the entire roof off, raised new trusses and then closed it off with plywood and shingles. I think it’s the nicest roof ever seen on a shed, and G. keeps reassuring me that it’s locked up tight now. No raccoon or squirrel will get in.

With the renovation done, G. has renamed the shed the “fun house” — it’s no longer haunted, and all my fun gardening tools are in there.

And with that work done, he’s on to building the dance floor. Soon, we will be dancing in the barn in the backyard.

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