Best Dallas restaurants (that we went to)

Pecan pie at Y.O. Steakhouse in Dallas’ West End.

G. and I had a great time on our recent trip to Dallas, and I think I gained a few pounds because we went to some great restaurants. Our favorite was Bread Winners on McKinney Avenue. We found it thanks to a recommendation from Dallas Foodie.

Having read about it in a list of best restaurants, we went there as soon as we arrived. We also had been up since 4 a.m. for an early flight, so we were hungry. I was immediately taken by the cinnamon rolls and other items in the bakery case when we walked in and started debating: cinnamon roll or real breakfast? But I didn’t have to choose because our waiter brought us a plate with muffin and cinnamon bread samples. I had a potato casserole with chicken and asparagus, which was great, but I liked G.’s breakfast burrito even better. Sadly, the restaurant was a little dark for our photos to really turn out. But trust me, it was delicious and well worth the short hike from our hotel.

We bought cookies to go: chocolate-peanut butter, iced molasses and oatmeal. All were awesome, and we planned to go back for more the morning that we left but after dancing until 3 a.m., we couldn’t get up in time.

Also, once we got to the restaurant, we learned there was a free trolley that ran from near our hotel to the Uptown area, where Bread Winners is located. Uptown is super cute with a lot of restaurants and bars and a nice shopping area.

We went back the next night to eat at Sfuzzi, recommended by the Dallas Socials. G. had a nice penne with vodka sauce, and our friend Sheli and I split a pizza with chicken, shallots, spinach and bechamel sauce. The pizza was from a wood-fired oven with a nice crispy crust. I love that.

Sfuzzi tied with a Mexican restaurant for G.’s second-favorite place. Mine was Y.O. Steakhouse in Dallas’ touristy West End. We walked by the restaurant on our way to The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, and G. latched on to the fact that they had a bison burger. After he mentioned it repeatedly, I knew we had to eat there. He ordered the burger but was disappointed because it was a little too pink for his taste. I, on the other hand, was pleasantly surprised. My salad with grilled steak was great, and I had just about the best pecan pie I’ve ever had for dessert. I liked it so much, G. ordered me a second piece to go. I ate it the next morning for breakfast.

We went to two Tex-Mex restaurants. Herreras on Maple Avenue was recommended on blogs and by our airport shuttle driver, but we found it disappointing. The restaurant building reminded me of a cafeteria. The warm chips were great, but everyone I was with — G., Sheli and her boyfriend Mike — thought the bean soup with boiled bacon was weird. Truth be told, I did too. Mike had a puffed taco that looked kind of cool, but my enchiladas were just average. I think we all felt like we could have had Mexican food that was just as good in Milwaukee.

Sheli and Mike took us another night to Sol Irlandes, which we liked much more. I had a platter with enchiladas and a tamale, and G. had tamales, which he loves. I’ve actually promised to learn to make them. Maybe once the gardening season winds down. They seem like they’re a lot of work.

In G.’s mind, Sol Irlandes was as good as Sfuzzi and better that Y.O.

It was No. 4 for me, behind Bread Winners, Y.O. and Sfuzzi. But maybe my expectations for Tex-Mex were too high. I expected it to be amazing in its birthplace, but really, it was pretty much like the Tex-Mex we get up north. Not that I expect any Texan to agree with me on that. You know what they say: Don’t mess with Texas.


One response to “Best Dallas restaurants (that we went to)

  1. Reading this post has made me hungry! Glad y’all got to try lots of delicious food during your visit!

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