G. tries to make commuting easier on me

I should never underestimate G. I told him I was tired of carrying my laundry back and forth to Chicago, and I’d been worrying about Biggie B. having more accidents and how to wash his rug.

G. said he’d already been thinking about what to do about the washer and dryer. He’s been pricing a pump that’s contained in a bucket and wouldn’t have to be installed in the floor. A permanent floor drain would require a permit, and therefore, a plumber. The bucket probably wouldn’t. G. said he thinks he can install that himself, and he plans to do that.

In the meantime, Biggie B. is going to get a new rug, hopefully one that won’t send fuzzies all over the room every time he digs on it.

I love G. He really means it when he says he will do whatever he can to make me happy.


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