Martha Rose

I’m a big fan of Martha Rose-Shulman. Each week, The New York Times emails me her Recipes for Health column, and I have something new to try. As a former pudge who hopes to never diet again, I have a genuine appreciation for good-tasting food that’s relatively low in calories and fat. But Martha’s not shy about using olive oil, yogurt or cheese, and that’s good too. I don’t want to give up everything that’s tasty in life. And, since her recipes reflect the growing season, the weekly dose is often something that I can get the ingredients for from my garden.

This week, I made Martha’s Smoky Eggplant and Yogurt Puree because my Chinese eggplant are on.

It’s simple: Grill the eggplant. Then skin it and plop the eggplant into a food processor with some Greek yogurt, garlic and a few other ingredients. It tastes light and smooth but has a nice bite from the garlic.

The color is a bit off-putting though: It’s more or less gray.

Still, I fed it to my neighbor S., a self-confessed picky eater, and she liked it. Or at least she said she did, and that’s  good enough for me.

One response to “Martha Rose

  1. So if *I* say I like your food do I get freebies too? I’m very picky, but like to try new things. 🙂

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