I hate green beans

But I want to like them because we have three different kinds growing in our garden: regular bush beans, French filet and pole beans.

G. likes  green beans. Before we were dating, he regularly ate at the bar where he met his buddies. He’d order green beans, and sometimes only that, because he thought they made his diet healthier. They probably did too, considering that he doesn’t cook and was eating off of the generosity of his mother and friends’ wives, mixed with frequent dinners out.

Anyway, he wanted green beans in the garden, and I agreed because I picked most of the other vegetables. We grew bush beans last year, but only got a few because it was a cold, wet summer and nothing did well. We decided to try pole beans because we thought they would save space, and if we liked them as much as bush beans, then maybe we’d switch to them.

Then I saw a recipe for haricots verts salad in “Vineyard Harvest” by Tina Miller and Christie Matheson. The photograph was beautiful, and I decided I needed to make that salad. That meant I needed haricots verts, or young French filet beans.

Unfortunately, by the time my beans were ready to pick, I had to do some traveling for work. Then G.’s father got sick, and the gardening got pushed to the side for a couple of weeks. When I finally picked the beans, they were too big, rangy and tough.

As I mentioned, the picture in “Vineyard Harvest” was beautiful. Alison Shaw did the photography for the book, so that’s no surprise. This is Tina’s salad:

And here is mine:

Clearly, it doesn’t look the same. That’s also partly because I ended up serving it on lettuce that was also long overdue for being picked. But, it didn’t actually taste that bad. The beans were tough, but the dressing has a nice garlicky bite, and let’s face it, goat cheese can fix most things.


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